Walter the Softy

Walter the Softy about to phone the Police

Walter "The Softy" Quinn is the arch-enemy of Dennis the Menace, most likely because he is the complete opposite of Dennis. He is always shown wearing spectacles, a light blue jersey with a spotty bow tie and yellow socks with pink shoes (but he sometimes wears a red bow tie). He is always Teacher's Pet at school, another reason for Dennis to be jealous. Walter has a poodle called Foo-Foo and a girlfriend called Matilda. His best Softy friends are Bertie Blenkinsop and Spotty Perkins; good point too, since they both share the same Softy characteristics as Walter.

Walter is strongly disliked by Dennis because of his teddy-bear picnics and softy antics.

Personal lifeEdit

Walter lives next door to Dennis and is normally scared of him, but can sometimes act spoilt rotten as explained in the 1996, 2009 and 2013 series. He always plays with his fellow Softies, including Spotty Perkins, Bertie Blenkinsop, Jeremy Snodgrass, Dudley Nightshirt and Nervous Rex.

His father, Larry Quinn, who just happens to be dating the mother.

His girlfriend Matilda speaks with a lisp and can sometimes lose her temper. For example, Walter brings her a bunch of ragged nettles and dandelions because he had lost his glasses, and she angrily slams the door in his face.

Also, his evil uncle, Slasher Brown, who owns a barber shop in Beanotown, tries to cut Dennis' hair live on TV, but fails, as it is revealed that Dennis had a wig, landing Walter in trouble.

Walter has been punished many times despite his well-behaved nature.


  • Walter was once given a girlfriend called Matilda, to show that he isn't gay and that therefore Dennis picking on him doesn't count as homophobic bullying.