Wallace and the No Cheese Club

Wallace finds out about the No-Cheese club and snaps

Wallace and the No Cheese Club is a story in which Wallace finds out about a club founded by cheese haters.


Wallace and Gromit are going for a stroll down West Wallaby Street when Wallace finds a poster which encourages people to join the No Cheese Club, obviously an anti-cheese organisation!!!! Wallace is cheesed off (geddit? CHEESED off!!! hahahahaha Smile) about this, and furiously asks everyone in town if they've heard of the No Cheese Club. PC Mackintosh tells him that their headquarters is inside an old derelict warehouse outside of town.

Wallace visits the HQ and meets the members of the club, flipping each of them the bird. The masked founder of the club is revealed to be none other than his love interest, Wendolene!!!! Wallace is both gobsmacked and traumatised as Wendolene has told Wallace about her dislike of cheese before, and she apologises to him and the two are about to hug each other when Wallace turns her over to the police in an abrupt twist ending.

Later, Wendolene sobs and wails inside her jail cell as Wallace sends her a whole sack of cheese, laughing evilly as he leaves.