The first ever Tour of London will see competitors battle for the winning trophy. The race starts in Brentford and ends in Romford. The winner receives a £1,000,000 cash prize and the golden Tour de London trophy.


Before the start, Lewis Hamilton is expelled from the Tour for knocking Homer Simpson off his bike and refusing to apologise. He tries to drown out his sorrows by eating leftovers from the bins.

Wendy Corduroy gains public attention by wearing rubber gloves in the Tour, as Bradley Wiggins cannot find his yellow jersey anywhere. He loses his patience and throws acid in Corduroy's face, disfiguring her badly. Wiggins is disqualified from the Tour and joins Hamilton in Loser's Corner. And also, much to the horror of the fans, his Tour de France jersey is stripped, and handed to Vincenzo Nibali to cause more disappointment. Chris Froome arrives and demands why he didn't get the jersey. The officals respond by telling him that the UK is a stupid country, and this causes uproar from the crowd.

Randy Krummenacher knocks Mikuru Asahina off her bike at Picadilly Circus, causing her to cry. Krummenacher is forced to do 100 hours community service, as Sergeant Slipper sells his bike for scrap. Asahina then continues with a few scrapes.

Cal Crutchlow is having a falling out with fellow MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo over who's better. Lorenzo ends up throwing his glass of water at Ryoko Asakura, not realising she's an android, and she goes haywire and begins to wreck everything. Lorenzo is fined £500,000 and becomes the third rider to be expelled from the Tour.

Near the finish, Romain Grosjean is determined to add to his GP2 success as he leads the overall standings. But, Haruhi Suzumiya's bike is out of control, and she narrowly misses Grosjean by an inch. For some unusual reason, she then begins to glitch. She is revealed to be Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph, who tells Grosjean that the real Suzumiya has been jailed.

Valentino Rossi wins the Tour at the final hurdle, and punches his fist into the air, accidentally knocking out an unsuspecting pigeon. The poor animal is taken to Animal Hospital, where Rolf Harris treats it. Unlike the other incidents, Rossi is unpunished for his, and gets to enjoy podium champagne and a million pound prize.


No. Rider
1 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Lewis Hamilton
2 Flag of the United States svg Homer Simpson
7 Flag of the United Kingdom svg David Beckham
10 Flag of France svg Romain Grosjean
15 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Nyck de Vries
17 Flag of the United Kingdom svg John McPhee
23 Flag of Sweden svg Stefan Johansson
26 Flag of Spain svg Dani Pedrosa
27 Flag of Australia svg Casey Stoner
35 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Cal Crutchlow
43 Flag of Japan svg Ryoko Asakura
44 Flag of Italy svg Roberto Rolfo
46 Flag of Italy svg Valentino Rossi
48 Flag of Japan svg Michiru Kaioh
50 Flag of Germany svg Nico Rosberg
67 Flag of Australia svg Geoff Brabham
69 Flag of the United States svg Nicky Hayden
73 Flag of Japan svg Mikuru Asahina
78 Flag of Russia svg Vitaly Petrov
81 Flag of Japan svg Haruhi Suzumiya
Flag of the United States svg Vanellope von Schweetz
84 Flag of the United Kingdom svg David Coulthard
86 Flag of France svg Tom Dillmann
89 Flag of Switzerland svg Randy Krummenacher
95 Flag of the United States svg Wendy Corduroy
99 Flag of Spain svg Jorge Lorenzo
100 Flag of Colombia.svg Juan Pablo Montoya
101 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Bradley Wiggins
104 Flag of San Marino svg Christian Montanari
107 Flag of Japan svg Kazuki Nakajima