The Magic Show of Zero is a series of comics on deviantART about Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere hypnotizing passers-by for her magic shows.


Part 1 and 2Edit

Louise is looking for an assistant for a magic show. She sees May walking past and asks her if she can help. May tells her that she has no time, but Louise uses her magic wand to hypnotize her. When the show starts, May is sawn in half, and Louise tickles her feet, making her laugh (she can still feel her feet). After the show, Louise snaps May out of her trance.

Part 3, 4 and 5Edit

Later, May hasn't turned up for the next show, so Louise looks for another assistant. She asks Ayane if she wants to be her assistant. Ayane tells her that she has to go somewhere, but again Louise uses her magic wand. Ayane is put into mind control. When the show starts, Ayane is about to be sawn in half when she suddenly wakes from her trance. She disappears and then reappears behind Louise, and snatches the magic wand, using it against her. Louise is hypnotized. She is told by Ayane to get into the box. When she snaps out of her trance, she apologizes to Ayane and she is freed.

Part 6, 7 and 8Edit

May arrives for the next show, in which Louise does the same thing as always - use her magic wand to hypnotize her - but this time the performance goes horribly wrong. May is stuck in hypnosis and Louise is unable to reverse it. She asks for another volunteer, and Haruhi Suzumiya comes onto stage. She is hypnotized by Louise's wand and is told to get into the box. Louise tries to deal with May by moving her around like a mannequin. Haruhi is sawn in half and she wiggles her toes to show the audience that she's OK. Louise freezes May to make her become stiff as a board and balance her between Haruhi's two halves.