Homer's Million is a fanfiction about The Simpsons. Homer takes the simpsons to California after becoming a millionaire, only to have Caillou ruin their holiday.


Chapter 1Edit

One morning, at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Homer tells Marge that he is off to work. Marge gives him a kiss as he drives off. Then, the school bus arrives, and Bart and Lisa are on the road as well. At 3pm, Homer receives a million dollar cheque from Pat Sajak in front of the Simpsons. Homer is overjoyed and announces "The Simpsons are going to California!"

Chapter 2Edit

The Simpsons are packing for their trip to California. Homer demands that everything be packed, especially the dog, the cat and the lawnmower, and says that they're leaving tonight. Lisa worries about missing school, but Marge says that everything will work out. Many, many, many days later, the Simpsons finally arrive in California, but end up getting lost. Homer pulls up at the The Yacht Shop on 3264 Yacht Lane, and promptly steps up to the counter, asking a stuffy old guy for directions. The stuffy guy is revealed to be an aide for the evil boy Caillou and holds the Simpsons at gunpoint, asking them to hand over all their possessions. The family runs back to the car as the old guy begins to fire his shotgun. The Simpsons decide to relocate to San Francisco, where the crime rate is low according to Marge's handbook.

Chapter 3Edit

When the Simpsons reach San Francisco, they stay in a hotel, go on the trams, explore the city and admire the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, Caillou is shown tampering with their car's engine whilst they are dining in an Italian restaurant, with Caillou having an evil grin on his face. By the time the Simpsons have finished, full up from having eaten approximately 25 slices of pizza and gaining more than 35 lbs in weight, Homer and the family go to the car, however, it will not start. Homer finds to his fury that Caillou has removed the engine and wants to sell it for spare parts. Homer spots Caillou carrying the car engine and grows furious.

Chapter 4Edit

Homer chases after Caillou and beats him in front of hundreds of San Franciscans, demanding that Caillou bring them their car engine back or face the consequences. Caillou spits at Homer, who then yells "WHY YOU LITTLE!!!" and chokes him the same way as with Bart. Bart and Lisa show support for Homer whilst Marge blushes, feeling embarrassed. Caillou promises to repair their car. It takes hours, but eventually the work gets done and the Simpsons drive home from a disastrous trip, hoping that one day, Homer will win another million by chance.