Hank Hill's Hypno Headache

The title card

Hank Hill's Hypno Headache is a story about King of the Hill's main character trying to avoid hypnotized girls from anime TV shows. It came to be this name after the original title Hank Hill's Hypno Horror was censored.


Hank Hill is in his backyard having a BBQ with his friends, Bill Dauterive, Dale Gribble and Jeff Boomhauer. Just then, May from Pokémon arrives, with swirly eyes (because she's hypnotized), and shoves chocolate pudding in Hank's face. Bill, Dale and Boomhauer laugh, but May growls at them and they run away. Moments later, Hank gets scared too, and rushes to his truck. Just then, he realizes that May removed all four of his wheels, so he runs into the house and locks himself in the bathroom. May angrily bangs on the door and knocks it down. Afterwards, Hank runs to Peggy who calls him a wuss. Hank angrily admits he is NOT a wuss and stands up to May, who then captures him.

"BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" cries the titular King of the Hill as May ties him to a street lamp and tickles him. Hank says he is not ticklish, and finds the man behind all the hypnotism - Brock !!!

Hank cries, begging for mercy. Peggy jeers at him, calling him an even bigger wuss. In order to prove her wrong and to avoid being humiliated, Hank punches May out her trance and the day is saved, prompting Peggy to change her mind about her husband, and calls him "Hunk Hill, my Macho Man" as Macho Man by The Village People plays.