The Adventures or Riko and Noman

Niko and Roman begin arguing

Gmod Paradise : The Adventures or Riko and Noman is a Garry's Mod video that features Grand Theft Auto IV protagonists Niko and Roman Bellic.


The story begins with Niko finding a yellow Ford Mustang outside Dr. Kleiner's house. He then tries to break into the car but he can't. Niko begins yelling as Dr. Kleiner (who owns the car) is interrupted from smoking and stares out the window. Just then, the car speeds off and Dr. Kleiner yells "Motherfucker!"

Niko has managed to get into the car. He drives around the city, as Dr. Hax finds a penny on the ground and attempts to pick it up. Niko is doing drifts in the Mustang when he crashes into Dr. Hax (who has just picked up the penny) and smashes through the windscreen, causing him to fly across the city screaming and flailing wildly beyond physics. Just then, in mid-air, he receives a phone call from his cousin Roman, who insists that they go drinking. Niko accepts.

Meanwhile, Roman is in his bedroom playing Grand Theft Auto I. Just then, Niko smashes through the window and Roman tells him "I've got nothing better to do". Roman then goes to the bathroom before leaving. After that, the cousins wait outside for a car. They look around, when, in a complete twist to the story, a smarter-looking Roman clone snaps Roman's neck. Niko then stupidly phones Roman for a cab, even though they are standing opposite each other, and Roman slaps Niko. Niko gets a 2010 Ford Focus RS and uncovers his eye, revealing the severity of his injury, and adding a disgruntled "Fuck you!" to the conversation.

The cousins then arrive at a bar and begin drinking. They drink for 6 hours straight, which includes Niko's head swelling up when he eats some cereal containing nuts, and get into a drunken brawl with each other. Niko throws a bottle at Gman, who is standing at a nearby table.