Evil Brian
Evil Brian is an evil clone of Brian Griffin, who is Evil Stewie's dog. In contrast to Brian, Evil Brian's fur is red all over and he wears a white collar making him look like Clifford the Big Red Dog. Ironically, he hates Clifford the Big Red Dog. Evil Brian has the same evil characteristics as Evil Stewie.

Evil Brian regularly abuses alcohol and drugs and drives drunk, not to mention that he curses a lot. He enjoys being savage towards both Evil Stewie and Good Stewie, and most of the time growls at him.

He is known to punch Hortense in the face and Dan in the balls and supports Hortense's evil boss Jeff the Dick. Evil Brian is also hopeful of world domination, much like both Stewies. He likes the evil boss Mr. Huph and his animosity towards superheroes. He says his favourite scene with Mr. Huph is when he stops Bob from walking out of the office and allows the bad guy to get away. This makes Good Brian mad.