Don Branckner
Don Brancker is a character created on Paint. He is a notorious German criminal who has stolen the Crown Jewels and about €38,000 in money. He is often mistaken for Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic due to the resemblance between the pair.

He wears a jumper with the colours of the German flag. Brancker, being a strong supporter of copyright abolition, also likes to criticise the Berne Copyright Convention. Ever since his YouTube account was closed for copyright infringement, Brancker took to Facebook to voice his anger at modern copyright law and often accuses the Berne Copyright Convention of starting it all.

He is currently opposed by Johnny Wilbert-Fitch, a law-abiding British citizen with Asperger's.


Don's first major crime was in 1986 when he hijacked a tour bus in his native Germany and drove off with the tourists onboard. After being caught by spike strips he lost control, wrecked the bus and the police arrested him, sentencing him to 10 years in prison. All the tourists got off safely.

Don served his whole 10-year sentence and in 1996, he went to London and committed the worst crime of all - stealing the Crown Jewels. Prime Minister John Major was deeply enraged by this and he chose to resign from office, and was succeeded by Tony Blair. Don was caught with the Jewels on a flight back to Frankfurt and this time managed to evade jail. The Metropolitan Police was furious and listed him as a wanted criminal.

Hatred of copyrightEdit

In 2010, Don, who had already been under house arrest for his crimes, uploaded a video to YouTube but it contained copyrighted music, so he received a copyright strike. Insisting he wasn't breaking the law (for once) and to express his disgust at the flawed copyright system, Don re-uploaded the video, this time with a stern message to copyright lawyers, but it fell foul of the rules once more, and another strike was imposed. After his third failed attempt, the account was closed due to copyright claims, and Don has been a anti-copyright protester ever since.

Don has protested to abolish copyright many times, and most recently slammed the European Union for considering to abolish freedom of panorama in Europe.

Rivalry with JohnnyEdit

Johnny Wilbert-Fitch, a British man, is Don's worst enemy. He once busted him when he was in London, attempting to commit a bank robbery. That's where the rivalry began.