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Crossed Over is a story about the Bash Street Kids created on DSi Flipnote. It was created in September 2012.


The kids are in the playground. Spotty panics when he turns around and sees May from Pokemon hypnotised. He runs into the classroom and kicks the door open, hurting Teacher in the process. Back in the playground, Plug accidentally breaks a man's greenhouse with his football and gets chased by him. May is confronting Spotty in the corridor as Plug bursts through the doors and crashes into the Headmaster. Plug is suspended for two weeks and is at first overjoyed, but when he gets home his father grounds him, wiping the smile off his face.

Next day, Spotty is explaining the ordeal to Fatty, when he sees May again. In class, Teacher is doing the register and finds that Spotty is missing. Spotty's cries quickly give this away. May is lifting Spotty up in the air and drops him onto the Headmaster! Ouch.

Spotty is suspended (the second pupil in less than 24 hours), and ends up getting grounded as well. That night, he has a nightmare where he falls into some spot cream, killing off the spots all over his body, and May turns evil and prepares to grab him. Spotty wakes up with a scream!

Next morning (it's Saturday), at Sports Direct buying a Beanotown FC kit when he finds that the receptionist, Molly, is hypnotised and is preparing to get it. In a panic, she runs out of the shop and hides behind a parked car. However, Molly finds him, and he runs to the museum, where he hides inside a Peel P50 (the smallest car that ever existed). Spotty is walking May, who is his pet pooch, outside of the museum as Molly picks up the P50 and throws it so hard that a huge "SMASH!!!" is heard from the museum by the security guard who was involved in the accident. Spotty tells him that school will be much better. On Monday, at school, things are back to normal that some things never change.

Characters with speaking rolesEdit

  • Spotty
  • Plug
  • Teacher
  • May
  • Headmaster
  • Fatty
  • Sidney
  • Smiffy
  • Plug's dad
  • Spotty's dad
  • Robert Guider, angry greenhouse owner
  • Molly Jarvis, the receptionist
  • C.J. Mussels, security guard


  • This story is a Pokemon/Bash Street Kids crossover.
  • It is unknown who hypnotised May and Molly in the first place.
  • It is revealed that a Sports Direct store was built in Beanotown.
  • The song playing at the beginning is "House of Love" by East 17. This song also featured in Beano Videostars.
  • The full names of Molly, the security guard and the greenhouse man are revealed in the credits below.


This Bash Street Films production starred
Five of the kids bar Danny, Wilfred, Toots and 'Erbert since they were off sick
Molly Jarvis, brainwashed Sports Direct employee
Robert Guider, short-tempered gardener
C.J. Mussels, heavily built security guard
May, sexy Pokemon trainer
(c) 2012 Bash Street Films. All rights reserved ... NOT!!! "rasp"! We're so naughty "giggles"

–Credits to Crossed Over