Caillou is killed is a story in which Caillou, along with Rosie and Gilbert kill Boris and Doris after they both stupidly ruin their birthdays.


Caillou, along with Rosie and Gilbert, wakes up to find out that they and their parents are celebrating each others' birthdays. Caillou, Rosie and Gilbert give Boris and Doris, two cool remote-controlled cars, which they happily accept...but guess what they got the kids and cat? Nothing. Hurt and pissed, the kids and cat snatch the controllers out of their hands and drive the cars to their explosive doom, before proceeding to screw with them for the remainder of the party, before the birthday cake, which is white and has little figurines of a bride and groom on the top...yep, they stole a wedding cake. Boris and Doris try to pass the figurines off as action figures for the three, but Caillou tells them to read the text on the front of the cake...and as they lean in close, they smash their faces into it, before wiping each others' hands together while making a psychotic smirk, while Rosie quips "Hey! Pound cake! Get it?", and licking the icing off each others' fingers, while at the same time, the bride and groom, Amelie Bayer and Derek Danziger, arrive looking for their stolen wedding cake. Ebba Eberhardt comforts a tearful Amelie, who bursts into tears while Derek shoves the wedding cake down Boris and Doris' throats for taking it, causing the parents begin choking and Gilbert injures them, a la two violent abdominal thrusts each, before the trio are given three mood rings, finally making them happy. However, their birthdays are also ruined even more when they end up kissing three donkeys each, before telling them, that from now on, they won't live with them, whilst the eraser bomb erases both Boris and Doris from both history and existence, as their second birthday present.