Caillou Scrapes His Knee

The title card under its original title

Callou Swears (aka Caillou Scrapes His Knee) is a story in which Caillou falls off his bike and severely scrapes his knee, which results in frayed tempers and nonsense and is brainwashed.


Caillou is outside learning to ride his bike without training wheels when Snoopy with a gun shoots the bike in the tire thus turning the bike over and Caillou scrapes his knee. There is blood coming out and Caillou starts crying. His Mommy and Daddy rush to his aid, but Caillou gets angry at them and threatens to blow their brains out and yells the F-word. The parents gasp.

For that, Caillou is sent straight home and to his room where he is grounded for fifteen years and banned from watching TV for thirty-seven months because of his horrible behavior. With Daddy at the end of his tether, Daddy spanks Mom in the kitchen. Meanwhile Snoopy and his accomplice SpongeBob kidnap Caillou, brainwash him and force him to join the Hypno Slaves which appear in Bob the Couch Potato.