Haruhi Suzumiya vs Alexander Rossi

The poster for for "The Grand Finale" with Suzumiya vs. Rossi

The first season of the Blackwood Rallycross Eliminator's Trophy was won by Haruhi Suzumiya after she beat American driver Alexander Rossi in the final.


Race 1Edit

Suzumiya overtakes Schlegelmilch

Suzumiya overtakes Schlegelmilch, resulting in the Latvian's elimination.

Winner: Calamia - Eliminated: Schlegelmilch

The first race saw Suzumiya start on pole, but Calamia beat her into turn one. Suzumiya fell into the danger zone, but Schlegelmilch slipped up while in third and was overtaken by the popular Japanese racer. To make matters worse, the Latvian was eliminated. In the end Calamia won the race.

Race 2Edit

Suzumiya leads into turn 1

Suzumiya leads into turn one.

Winner: Suzumiya - Eliminated: Sims

Suzumiya managed to win this time out as British racer Sims was knocked out of the competition.

Race 3Edit

Calamia finishes last and is eliminated

Shockingly, Calamia is eliminated from the competition after finishing last.

Winner: Suzumiya - Eliminated: Calamia

Two wins in three rounds for Suzumiya as Race 1 winner Calamia caused lots of shock and surprise by being eliminated from the competition.

Race 4Edit

Suzumiya on her way to victory

Suzumiya on her way to victory.

Winner: Suzumiya - Eliminated: Pérez

In a race now without Europeans, yet another victory came for Suzumiya as Mexican F1 driver Pérez was eliminated.

Race 5Edit

Suzumiya leads Rossi

Suzumiya leads from her rival, Rossi.

Winner: Suzumiya - Eliminated: Jefferies

Suzumiya's winning streak remained unbroken. In a race full of action, Zimbabwean racer Jefferies was knocked out of the competition.

Race 6Edit

Winner: Rossi - Eliminated: Ricciardo

Rossi managed to break Suzumiya's winning streak in Race 6. F1 driver Ricciardo missed out on a place in the final and was eliminated.

Race 7 - THE FINALEdit

Champion: Suzumiya - Runner-up: Rossi

In a fight to the victory, Suzumiya and Rossi were now the only two left in the competition. The tension began to rise as Suzumiya beat Rossi into the first corner. Suzumiya held the lead to become the champion! Rossi was disheartened over his loss, but congratulated the Japanese racer on her victory.