The first ever Blackwood Celebrity Grand Prix sees 12 celebrities fight for the title. The winner of the Grand Prix receives a £1,000,000 prize and a golden Cadillac to go with it. The race is 30 laps long and will be held at Blackwood Circuit. David Beckham won the race with Rory McIlroy in second and Andy Murray in third.



Pos Driver Time Gap
1 Flag of England svg David Beckham 1:16.23 +-.--
2 Flag of Northern Ireland.svg Rory McIlroy 1:16.24 +0.01
3 Flag of England svg Tamara Ecclestone 1:16.25 +0.02
4 Flag of Brazil svg Gisele Bundchen 1:16.26 +0.03
5 20120708101819!Flag of Ireland svg Shane Lynch 1:16.27 +0.04
6 Flag of Scotland svg Andy Murray 1:16:31 +0.08
7 Flag of England svg Robbie Williams 1:16.41 +0.18
8 Flag of Wales.svg Gethin Jones 1:16.41 +0.18
9 Flag of the United States svg Channing Tatum 1:16.62 +0.39
10 Flag of France svg Thierry Henry 1:16.69 +0.46
11 Flag of Scotland svg Gordon Ramsay 1:16.81 +0.58
12 Flag of Canada.svg Justin Bieber 1:17.00 +0.77

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