Bash Street Academy

Bash Street Academy

Bash Street Academy was the replacement for Bash Street School after the safety inspector closed it down and sacked the staff. The kids underwent several changes, for example, Danny's trademark school hat to be replaced by a top hat, Minnie the Minx was given an important looking hat, 'Erbert was given contact lenses, Wilfred was given a jersey transplant, Smiffy was given a new brain, Sidney was given a haircut, Fatty was given fit and muscular and Tomboy, Toots was given a more feminine makeover, Sally was given a Scottish uniform, Conrad was given a Switzerland uniform, Ken Bahn was given a Christmas uniform and the other one was given a basketball uniform, Dennis the Menace was given another Christmas uniform, Spotty's spots were removed, and Plug had plastic surgery to make him more handsome (however this didn't last long). The academy also had a robot teacher, who gave the kids harder questions. After the robot teacher nearly zapped Danny with its laser, Plug decided to replace its maths disk for a music CD (We're The Kids of Bash Street School) and the kids changed back to their old selves. The robot teacher began dancing to the music and eventually went haywire. It exploded, destroying the academy in the process. After this, Bash Street School reopened and the safety inspector became a tramp.

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