Angry Hank is a story on about King of the Hill.


Chapter 1: Hank CracksEdit

One busy day, at Strickland Propane, Hank Hill is selling propane to customers who have been coming to Strickland non-stop since the recent propane shortage. One man, Mr. Ferd, angers Hank by telling him that he will cook his burgers with charcoal if he doesn't hurry up. Hank reacts to this by punching Ferd right in the face. He then tells Buck Strickland that he is taking a break from Strickland Propane.

Chapter 2: Disturbing the NeighborhoodEdit

Hank returns home and meets Dale, Bill and Boomhauer (who aren't working today) in the alley, but he is still angry, so he yells at them, then goes inside and gets into bed. Two hours later, Hank wakes up just as Peggy and Bobby enter the house. Hank tells Bobby to go to his room, then talks to Peggy, who tells him that she has been nominated for the next substitute teacher of the year award, so she reads her acceptance speech, which angers Hank even more, so he yells at Peggy, and threatens to kick her in the butt. Bobby is in his room talking to Joseph on the phone, and telling him that Hank is in a very bad mood. Just then, he sees a very angry Hank at the doorway. Hank then proceeds to beat his son up. Joseph rushes to the Hill residence and sees Bobby lying on the floor covered in scratches. Hank then grabs his head and throws him out the front door like a football. Joseph runs home as Hank roars into the night sky.

Chapter 3: Dang Ol' Man RUN!Edit

Next morning, Peggy gets out of bed but Hank won't budge. Peggy angers Hank so much that he slaps her in the face, causing her to run out of the room crying. Hank, feeling quite depressed, goes into the kitchen, and sees Peggy sitting at the table. Peggy then finds Bobby lying on the floor crying and gets angry at Hank. Hank, who cooks up some waffles, tells Peggy that he is skipping work, and slams the door in her face. He meets Bill and Boomhauer in the alley, but the two back away from him, having seen Joseph run out of the house. Just then, Dale steps into the alley, looking very angry. He tells Hank that what he did to Joseph is unforgivable, but this is the last straw for Hank, who walks over to Dale, very angrily. Dale screams and runs away while Hank chases after him.