The 2012 Superstock 600 European Championship season was won by Dutchman Michael van der Mark.

Entry listEdit

2012 Entry list
No. Rider Rounds
4 Flag of New Zealand svg Jake Lewis
5 Flag of Croatia.svg Renato Novosel
6 Flag of France svg Richard de Tournay
7 Flag of Germany svg Marvin Fritz
8 Flag of Switzerland svg Bastien Chesaux
9 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Koen Zeelen
10 Flag of Spain svg Nacho Calero Perez All
11 Flag of the United Kingdom svg John Simpson
12 Flag of Italy svg Franco Morbidelli
13 Flag of Italy svg Luca Salvadori
14 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Lee Jackson
15 Flag of Spain svg Francisco Javier Alviz Gomez
17 Flag of Italy svg Stefano Casalotti
18 Flag of Italy svg Christian Gamarino All
19 Flag of Slovakia.svg Tomas Krajci
21 Flag of France svg Hugo Clere
23 Flag of Luxembourg svg Christophe Ponsson All
25 Flag of Italy svg Federico Monti
26 Flag of Romania svg Mircea Vrajitoru
27 Flag of Italy svg Emanuele Viglieno
28 Flag of Italy svg Ferruccio Lamborghini
29 Flag of Australia svg Corey Snowsill
32 Flag of Italy svg Nicolas Stizza
34 Flag of Austria svg Marco Nekvasil
37 Flag of Australia svg Mike Jones
39 Flag of Switzerland svg Sebastien Suchet All
41 Flag of France svg Anthony Dumont
43 Flag of France svg Stèphane Egea
44 Flag of Australia svg Matt Davies All
45 Flag of Croatia.svg Tedi Basic
46 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Davy Thoonen
47 Flag of Germany svg Marc Buchner
51 Flag of Italy svg Filippo Benini
52 Flag of Belgium svg Gauthier Duwelz
53 Flag of Italy svg Nicola Jr. Morrentino
59 Flag of Denmark svg Alex Schacht All
60 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Michael van der Mark All
62 Flag of the Czech Republic svg Jiri Klejch
63 Flag of Switzerland svg Philippe von Gunten
64 Flag of Italy svg Riccardo Cecchini
66 22px-Flag of South Africa.svg Jonathan Willcox
69 Flag of Italy svg Gennaro Antonio Romano
70 Flag of Italy svg Luca Vitali
71 Flag of Switzerland svg Robin Mulhauser All
75 Flag of Italy svg Francesco Cocco All
77 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Tom Weeden
81 Flag of Italy svg Alessandro Nocco
84 Flag of Italy svg Riccardo Russo All
88 Flag of France svg Mathieu Marchal
90 Flag of France svg Kevin Szalai
91 Flag of Slovakia.svg Lucas Jasensky
92 Flag of Australia svg Adrian Nestorovic All
93 Flag of Italy svg Roberto Mercandelli
94 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Wayne Tessels
95 Flag of Portugal.svg Ruben Nogueira
99 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Tony Coveña
100 Flag of France svg Thibaut Gourin
111 Flag of Switzerland svg Jeremy Ayer
123 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Alexander Olsen
999 Flag of Italy svg Francesco Cavalli

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